Visa Information – Nepal and India

Nepal visa

Nepal is one of the easiest Himalayan countries (and in the world for that matter) to obtain your visa, where you can get your visa-upon-arrival.  Yep, that is correct.  You do not need to get a visa to Nepal in advance.  When you arrive at international airport in Kathmandu (Tribhuvan International Airport), you can get the necessary visa there.  All you need to bring with you is one passport photo to staple to the visa application.  The following foreign currencies are accepted (Indian rupees aren’t), and you’ll need to pay the one time fee for the number of days you are getting your visa for: Euro, Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar and Japanese Yen.  Credit card, Indian currency and Nepali currency are not accepted as payment of visa fee.

Nepal offers 15, 30, and 90 days multiple-entry visas.  The current fee structure is:

15 days – US$25 or equivalent in other currency (they will not accept Indian rupees)
30 days – US$40 or equivalent in other currency
90 days – US$100 or equivalent in other currency

check here for updates to the Nepal visa:

Print out the visa application here visa-app-nepal, fill out the information, and staple your passport photo to it.  When you arrive in Kathmandu, this will save you half an hour waiting in line.

Be sure to bring:
Passport application and photo
Cash to pay for passport of your desired days length (15,30, 90 days).
Be sure to say, “Namaskar Dai” to the visa officer. Translation, “Hello, Good day, respected member of the Nepal community”.


India visa

You need a visa in advance to enter India, details here:

The following countries are allowed a single entry, 30 day visa-on-arrival: Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Phillipines, Laos, Myanmar.  However, we recommend that all those who travel with us to obtain their visa in advance before travelling to India.  The visa-on-arrival was only begun in 2012.

india visa

A map of the current tourist visa structure for India.


If you are a citizen of the United States and are currently residing there, we highly recommend using Travisa Outsourcing to obtain your visa.

If you are a citizen of the UK, here is the pertinent information for you: